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Celia Santos

Clinical Hypnotherapist & Rapid Transformational Therapist

Is anxiety controlling your lifeIs it dictating what you can and can’t do? Or are you in a constant battle with a loved one who has an addiction? Or is it you who has the addiction and struggling to stay afloat?

I can help you take control of your life, make the changes you need and have the life you want.

I am a qualified and experienced clinical hypnotherapist, specializing in anxiety-related problems and help families affected by substance abuse. I can relate to both and understand that each person is unique in the way they experience their anxiety and the problems it causes, so I offer a personalized approach to ensure the best results for you. I will work alongside you to make the changes you want so that you can overcome the limitations that have been holding you back until now.

Rapid Transformational Therapy is the most powerful and profound way to begin your healing journey. RTT gets directly to the root cause of the issue by accessing and interpreting whatever issues may be there. Using regression and a range of different techniques and tools, you will go back to the key moments in time where limiting beliefs were created, negative patterns of behaviour or the need for physical pain.

RTT can help you manage both psychological and physical anxiety-related problems such as panic attacks, low self-esteem, negative thoughts, nerves and phobias.

About RTT

Rapid Transformational Therapy has been proven to successfully treat the following issues:


  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Stress, Nerves

  • Confidence & Self Esteem

  • Addictions - Drug, alcohol and gambling 

  • Fears & Phobias

  • Grief & Trauma

Rapid Transformational Therapy aims to deliver permanent change in three sessions, so there is no need for ongoing therapy. RTT changes and improves the way in which your body communicates with the mind. This is why this is such a powerful and profound approach to overcome issues such as depression and anxiety.

The therapy session is unique and differs from client to client depending on the issue. Different tools may be required, for instance, clients with childhood traumas or blockages will benefit from a therapy called Upgrading the Child.

About RTT


Maria, London

I was never very good with words, but what is certain is that after I started having sessions with Celia, my anxiety calmed down a lot. And finally I started to have more peace inside my own head. I managed to gain more confidence in myself with 4 sessions I had with Celia, than in the last 9 years I've been living in London and that helped me a lot to mature and grow as a person. Thank you very much Celia!

Martin, London

I suffer from anxiety and didn't know what to expect at first but prior to my session, I had a conversation with Celia on the phone. She took the time to speak with me for over an hour, it really helped! Just that conversation made me feel a bit better. The sessions i had helped so much, i would say life changing. I have been on tablets for over a year for anxiety and now thinking of coming off of them all together.

Caroline, London

Celia is fantastic! She has really helped with overcoming my anxiety. I was able to express all my concerns over the phone without being rushed – the conversation alone was great. Celia uncovered when my anxiety first started and why it persists. My anxiety which was at a 10 has dropped to a 4. I continue to work with Celia and i would definitely recommend. 

Contact Me

If you are not sure and would like to discuss what you are going through, enjoy a 20 minute no obligation phone call or online consultation to ask any questions, gain some clarity or understand how I can help you. Please complete the form below.

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Location: Kings Cross, London

Worldwide via Zoom or Skype

Tel: +44(0)7905204477

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