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Terms & Conditions

Celia Santos offers hypnotherapy using the unique Marisa Peer Method – RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy). Hypnosis is entirely natural, safe and relaxing. You will remain conscious and in complete control throughout. A recording will be made after your session (lasting between 15 and 20 minutes) and you will be required to listen to this for a minimum of 30 consecutive days following your session. This will ‘cement’ the work that has been done in the therapy session.


In RTT hypnosis, the client is regressed back to earlier/childhood memories to help discover the root cause of the issue. Then the client and Celia will work together in hypnosis to get understanding of where the belief/behaviour originated, with the view to change it. All the answers needed to unlock the root cause of the issue/behaviour are in the ‘feeling mind’ (the subconscious) – not the ‘thinking mind’ (the conscious) so that is why regression is so powerful in treating the issue.

Please note that hypnosis alone is no guarantee of success. The client needs to want the change and be open and motivated to change, via the use of hypnosis. The information, techniques, methods and recommendations by Celia are not intended to substitute for the diagnosis and care by a qualified physician/GP, nor to encourage the treatment of illness by persons not recognisably qualified.


If you use hypnosis and are under medical care for any condition, do not make any adjustments to any prescribed medication without the approval of your doctor. If in any doubt you should seek your GPs advice.   

Caution: Epileptics are generally advised to not enter hypnosis or anyone diagnosed as having a psychotic illness.


Celia Santos is GDPR compliant and registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office. All client data is kept strictly confidential, secure and all personal information is relevant for treating the client. At any time, you can request access to the information and/or request for all information to be deleted. Celia will delete all information pertaining to the session and the information filled out in the intake form.


Please note that appointments must be cancelled 48 hours in advance and a deposit is required to secure your appointment.


 If you arrive more than 15 minutes late for the session, the appointment will be cancelled and charged the full fee. The hypnotherapy sessions are structured and a delay of more than 15 minutes will not allow enough time to complete the session.

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